The Global Landscape of Ceramic Tile Production and Exporting Countries

Welcome to the fascinating world of ceramic tiles, where art meets functionality, and tradition intertwines with modern technology. In this article, we will delve into the state of production of ceramic tiles worldwide and explore the largest exporting countries in this thriving industry.

  January 23 2024

Environmental Pollutants in the Tile and Ceramic Industry

The tile and ceramic industry plays a significant role in the construction sector, providing materials for floors, walls, and other surfaces. However, the production processes in this industry can lead to environmental pollution. In this article, we will discuss the environmental pollutants generated by the tile and ceramic industry and explore the installation of equipment to remove pollution.

  January 2 2024

A practical guide to choosing ceramic tiles

Ceramic tile is one of the main foundations of construction, so it is very important to choose the right ceramic tile for each part of the building. When buying tiles and ceramics, there are several important factors to consider. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  October 10 2023

Well-suited ceramic tiles for hot and dry areas

When buying ceramic tiles, in addition to features such as beauty, durability and application, it is important to pay attention to some other features. including what kind of weather the ceramic tile is supposed to be used in. Paying attention to the building materials, color and finally choosing the right product according to the weather conditions of an area can increase the durability and lifespan of the tile.

  August 1 2023

Characteristics and standards of bathroom tiles

Nowadays, many people prefer to use ceramic tiles for interior decoration instead of expensive stones. Because in addition to high strength, they have nothing less than stones in terms of design and coloring. It has been customary to use tiles for bathrooms for many years; But these tiles must have their own standards and features so that they don't get into trouble over time.

  May 30 2023

Principles of maintenance of ceramic tiles

The life of the tile is not only dependent on its material but also depends on its maintenance method. It is important to pay attention to the fact that to maintain the technical characteristics and beauty of the tiles, they must be cleaned properly. To have a product that is always beautiful and shiny, it is necessary to have enough information about how to maintain these products, properly clean, and use ceramic tiles.

  April 4 2023

What is the difference between floor and wall tiles?

Today, it is very common to use ceramic tiles for floor and wall covering. In fact, it can be said that the trend towards ceramic tiles is more than stone. Although each of them has its own uses and charm. Floor and wall tiles are among the most used products in the category of ceramic tiles, but is there a difference between floor and ceramic tiles?

  March 12 2023

Characteristics of construction and decorative stones

Stones are faithful materials that have been with people for many years. Imagine a time when there is no trace of us on earth, but our stone houses are still standing. Today, these amazing materials have a special place in the construction industry, so that we can hardly imagine buildings without stonework.

  February 25 2023

Ceramic suitable for building flooring

Ceramics is one of the most widely used construction materials that are used in different parts of the building. Using high-quality ceramics makes the building beautiful and durable. To produce quality ceramics, metal or non-metal elements are heated at a very high temperature, then they harden it. Most ceramics have high compressive strength and melting point and are resistant to atmospheric changes and wear.

  February 12 2023

Building stones in Iran, uniquely the best

Stone is one of the most important ornaments used in the production of buildings. Stones amazingly remind us of thousands of years of pressure and heat of the inner layers of the earth to lime and sediment.

  January 16 2023

What is industrial tile and what are its features?

Tile is one of the most widely used building materials and equipment, which has a very high variety so that according to any space and environment, you can choose the right tile and install it in the desired place; The question must arise, what are the necessary things to consider for choosing and buying tiles?

  January 14 2023

Getting to know the most common tile models

Ceramic tiles are among the most widely used building materials, which are usually used as the final coating on the interior walls of buildings. Tiles are produced in different sizes, designs and types, and they can be used as a suitable insulation for moisture.

  December 19 2022

Tips to export ceramics and tiles to Iran

Tiles and ceramics can create very good foreign exchange markets for industry and merchants and generate income for hundreds of people.

  December 8 2022
A brief Iranian tiles and ceramics

What are the characteristics of Iranian tiles and ceramics?

Ceramic tiles are among the most widely used building materials, which are usually used as the final coating on the interior walls of buildings. Tiles are produced in different sizes, designs and types, and they can be used as a suitable insulation for moisture.

  December 6 2022

Improving the state of the world's tile and ceramic industry

The world faced a big challenge in late 2019 with the spread of the Covid-19 disease, a challenge that invited people to observe social distancing and reduce travel outside the condemned house. To stay safe, humans have no choice but to reduce their daily activities to fight this epidemic. This decrease in activities has led to a decrease in construction, a decrease in purchases , which overshadowed the world economy.

  November 29 2022
history of stone; since the millennium BC

Iran; 4th rank of decorative stone reserves in the world

Stone is one of the most basic building materials that humans have used to make tools and shelters and meet their needs. The Paleolithic and Paleolithic periods indicate the periods in which the use of stone over metal and other materials was the priority.

  November 28 2022

Iran; The fifth producer of ceramic tiles in the world

Iran's tile and ceramic industry is one of the industries that has something to say on a global scale. On the other hand, the demand in this sector is related to the housing market, and recession and prosperity in this market have a significant impact on this industry. Iran is one of the developed countries in the field of tile and ceramic production.

  November 28 2022
Tile and ceramic industry in Iran

Four continents of the world, the customer of Iranian tiles and ceramics

The initial forms of the tile are from prehistoric times. The original tiles were crude; But about 6,000 years ago, humans decorated them by painting and creating shapes on clay tiles. At that time, the use of ceramics was limited to making dishes; But throughout history and with the progress made, the tile and ceramic industry also benefited from technology and now it is known as an important and widely used industry in the world. Ceramic tiles are among the most widely used building materials. They are usually used as the final coating on the interior walls of buildings.

  November 23 2022
An Introduction to Tile and Ceramic History

Best Tile Brands In Iran

The ceramic and tile industry in Iran originally originated from pottery, which is 10,000 years old. Pottery is the art of decorating and using unfired clay. However, with the appearance of pottery kilns that happened around 6 thousand years before Christ, the ceramic and tile industry also began to take shape, and with the progress in the field of kilns, painting Glazing, etc. has continued until today, which is one of the famous and widely used industries in Iran.

  November 6 2022