Petrochemical Materials and Products: A Global Perspective

Have you ever wondered about the materials and products that play a pivotal role in various industries across the globe? Petrochemicals are derived from petroleum and natural gas, and they serve as the building blocks for a wide array of products we use in our daily lives. From plastics and synthetic fibers to fertilizers and pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals are the unsung heroes that drive innovation and progress across industries worldwide.

  January 29 2024

The Role of Petrochemical Products in Today's Life

Petrochemical products play a crucial role in our modern-day lives. These products, derived from petroleum or natural gas, have become an integral part of various industries and have significantly impacted our daily routines.

  September 26 2023

A useful solution; Environmentally friendly plastics

Plastic waste is a major threat to the environment. The large amount of plastic in human waste is one of the strangest problems facing humans in the environment today. Decomposition of plastic in nature takes millions of years and during this period it causes irreparable damage to nature.

  June 26 2023

The role of the petrochemical industry in today's world

Petrochemical industry is a subcategory of chemical industry that produces chemical products from raw materials obtained from oil or natural gas. There are some chemical compounds that are made from other fossil fuels such as coal or from renewable sources such as corn, sugarcane or date fruit.

  May 6 2023

Iran's position in the export of the petrochemical industry

The petrochemical industry is a part of the chemical industry that produces chemical products from oil or natural gas. Today, petroleum products, in addition to being used in the field of vehicle fuel, engine oil, etc., play a valuable role in the preparation of many parts required for the construction of vehicles. Petroleum products are essential in providing fuel for guided missiles, astronauts, and satellites, and even in making many of their internal parts.

  November 7 2022