Exploring the World of Fabrics: Materials, Functions, and Global Trends

Have you ever stopped to think about the clothes you wear and the fabrics that make them? Fabrics play a crucial role in our daily lives, from the soft cotton of your favorite t-shirt to the luxurious silk of an evening gown. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of fabrics, exploring the most popular materials, their functions, and the latest global trends.

  February 22 2024

What are the pros and cons of Fastoni fabric?

Fastoni fabric has gained popularity in recent years due to its unique properties and versatility. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of Fastoni fabric and delve into why it has become a popular choice worldwide.

  December 19 2023

Advantages and Disadvantages of Synthetic Fibers

Artificial fibers, also known as synthetic fibers, are man-made materials that are created through chemical processes. These fibers have gained immense popularity in the textile industry due to their versatility and wide range of applications.

  August 22 2023

Incredible innovations which, create the future of the fashion industry

Given that traditional clothing production methods are becoming obsolete, as well as with the increasing advancement of technology, it seems that the fashion and clothing industry will also go for these technologies in the near future, from artificial intelligence to innovation in raw materials.

  July 25 2023

Tips for removing stains from clothes

It has happened to all of us that while drinking a cup of coffee at work or having dinner with family or at parties, we spill some of our food or drink on our clothes. Although this is uncomfortable, there are many ways to remove them. In addition to different detergents, each of which has a different function, many home methods also help to remove these stains.

  May 23 2023

Pima cotton; A super soft cotton

There are different types of cotton fabrics and fibers, each of which has its own characteristics. Among the types of cotton, Sea Island cotton, Egyptian cotton, Upland cotton, and Pima cotton have superior and distinguished features.

  March 30 2023

Suitable fabrics for summer clothes

As the weather warms, hats, gloves, and scarves are returned to the wardrobe, and it's time for bright colored clothes suitable for the warm season to take their place. Summer clothes are usually produced with natural fibers and in bright colors.

  March 7 2023

Important points in choosing a suitable bedspread

The bedroom is a space for rest. One of the most important elements in the bedroom is the bed and its comfort level. One of the necessities of the bedroom is choosing a suitable bed sheet. A bedspread that, while being stylish, is also comfortable and suitable for the space of the room. If you are going to buy a bedspread, it is better to consider other things in addition to your taste. These items will help you make a better choice.

  February 19 2023

What kind of fabric is nylon fabric?

Nylon is the name of a group of synthetic polymers that are usually used to produce a variety of clothing and consumer goods. Unlike other organic or semi-synthetic fibers, nylon fibers are completely synthetic, that is, there is no organic material in their construction. When researchers were looking for an alternative to the silk and hemp used in World War II parachutes, this type of synthetic polymer began to be used to make clothing.

  February 2 2023

Strengths and opportunities of Iran's fabric industry

The clothing industry is one of the leading and most popular industries in the world, which has attracted the attention of many countries. In Iran, at the end of 1991, artisans noticed the clothing industry, and from the beginning, the quality of Iranian products made Iranian clothing open its place in the European markets, but the life of this popularity was short-lived and many lacks of attention caused this industry to go downhill.

  January 10 2023
what is the difference between them and which one is better?

Differences between cotton and polyester

Polyester and cotton have been two types of popular and widely used fabrics for making clothes and home decorations since the distant past. Because these two types of fabric are used in similar applications; therefore, it is sometimes thought that they are the same. However, is it so?

  December 29 2022

Textile industry in China; Powerful and growing

China, with the official name of the People's Republic of China, is a country located in the east of the Asian continent and the fourth largest country in the world. With a population of more than 1.407 billion people, this country is also the most populous in the world.

  December 20 2022

Uzbekistan; one of the largest cotton producers in the world

Due to having a continental climate and four seasons like Iran, Uzbekistan has a variety of climates. Agriculture is one of the important and main capacities of Uzbekistan, in this regard, due to the conditions of the soil and fertile land, cotton is one of the most important agricultural products of this country, and therefore, the textile industry has been recognized as the main industrial advantage in this country during the last two decades.

  December 13 2022
What has brought Turkey's textiles here?

Turkish textile and clothing industry, pioneer ahead

Turkey's economy is a combination of indigenous and industrial industries, which are increasing every day, and according to global financial and credit institutions, Turkey's economy is the sixth largest economy in Europe. Also, the textile and clothing industry of this country is the fifth-largest supplier in the world and the third-largest supplier in the European Union.

  December 6 2022

India in the global textile and clothing industry

The textile and clothing manufacturing sector of India is one of the oldest industries of the country's economy, dating back several centuries. The garment manufacturing industry continues to contribute greatly to the country's economic growth in this century. The textile and apparel industry are one of the main sectors of the Indian economy and one of the largest sources of foreign exchange earnings for India.

  December 4 2022

The top 10 countries in the world textile trade

The textile industry is considered one of the oldest human industries because the need for clothes and clothing is one of the basic human needs after the need for food and housing. This industry plays a significant role in employment generation and industrial, economic and social development. The textile industry is considered one of the most valuable industries in the world and is the focus of the major economies of the world.

  November 30 2022
The footprints of textiles in the Middle East

The path of textiles in the Middle East

Even before the Islamic period, the Middle East has been the link of textile production and trade in the Eurasian region. The series of trade routes known as the Silk Road reached its western end in the eastern ports of the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, these markets have inevitably been textile production centers. The spread of Islamic law in the 7th and 8th centuries absorbed and merged the textile industries of the Byzantine and Sassanian empires.

  November 29 2022

History of Turkey textile industry

The history of textile production in Turkey dates back to the Ottoman period. In the 16th and 17th centuries, textile production was widespread and at an advanced level. The fact that until the end of the empire the Ottoman industry was heavily relied on textile industry was the clear indication of the importance of the sector. Until 1972, the sector gained more strength due to the finalization of first planned development period.

  November 22 2022
An introduction to the textile industry

A brief view at the textile industry in Iran

It is hard to imagine living in a world without textiles and the textile industry. Because almost all of us everywhere need this industry in some way. In particular, this applies to clothing. Clothing creates comfort and protection, and for many people, it represents important points of individuality. The textile and textile industry also have an important role in the world. Because the economy and employment provide hundreds of millions of people around the world.

  November 22 2022