Guide to opening a bank account in Türkiye

An international account is a type of bank account that allows you to conduct financial transactions with business partners and other individuals around the world.

This account allows you to deposit and withdraw money in different currencies and perform international financial transactions such as money transfers between countries, international payments and receiving money from other countries.

  • By having an international account, you can enjoy the following benefits:
  • Making international transactions with greater simplicity and speed.
  • Direct and continuous money transfer between different bank accounts around the world.
  • Ability to receive and pay funds in different currencies.
  • Better management and control of international transactions and financial currencies.

To open an international account, you must contact the bank that provides the services you need and follow the required documents and procedures. Each bank may have its own requirements and regulations for opening an international account.

Opening an international account in Türkiye

  Turkey is one of the countries that offers a variety of international account creation services for foreigners with the help of several well-known banks, such as Ziraat Bank, Ish Bank and Vakif Bank. Under normal conditions, that is, when you, as a citizen of another country, have a Turkish residence or passport, you can open a foreign currency account of your choice by visiting any of the branches of these banks in Turkey. But what if you do not have Turkish residence?

 In this situation, you will not have any obstacle to open an account in Turkey, because the international banks of Turkey, including the Bank of Agriculture, do not have a law stating that permanent residence in Turkey is required to open an account for non-Turkish nationals, and you can travel to Turkey temporarily (with a visa of three tourist month) and visit the bank with the required documents in hand, open your foreign currency account in the Ziraat Bank.

Opening a bank account in Türkiye

To open a bank account in Turkey, you can follow the following steps:

Choosing a bank:

 First you need to choose a bank in Türkiye. Turkey has different banks and you can choose the right bank based on your needs and desired services.

Going to the bank:

 After choosing the bank, you should go to the branch or office of the relevant bank in Turkey. The bank may request to provide your documents and information.

Preparation of documents:

To open a bank account in Turkey, you must prepare the required documents. Documents such as passport copies, proof of identity, proof of address and proof of income may be required. Also, the bank may ask you to complete the relevant forms.

Identity verification and interview:

 Some banks may ask you to verify your identity and interview in person at the bank branch. At this stage, you have to go to the bank branch and do the interview.

Signing the contract:

 After verifying your identity and completing the required steps, you must sign the bank account contract.

Down payment:

Finally, you need to deposit the down payment to your bank account. The amount required for initial deposit may be different for each bank.

After completing these steps, the bank will provide you with your account number and bank account details and you will be able to use your bank account in Turkey.

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  Date : November 14 2023
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