Getting to know Omani handicrafts

Oman is one of the most beautiful countries in the Persian Gulf. Handicrafts of Oman have their roots in the culture of Arabs, which have been in the presence of sultans and sheikhs for many years. When you step in the traditional markets of Oman; You will see a dust of history on their products, which is a traveler from the past. You can buy souvenirs of this country depending on your taste.

Oman is the land of mountains and palm trees. Usually, palm trees grow around the road or hotels, and all people have palm trees in their homes. In the old days, people used its dates and collected its green or dried leaves to make handicrafts such as baskets, which are among the most popular Omani souvenirs. These baskets are used to store dates, grains or cook meat.


In Oman, the use of pottery does not end only as a decoration; It is also used to store beans, dates, water and even burn incense. Traditional pottery is usually made in beige or pale brown, but you can find colored pottery among them. Pottery is sold all over Oman, but the city (Bahla) is considered to be the center of their highest quality.


The use of silver has been very common in Oman since ancient times. Omanis use silver to make women's utensils and jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. The use of fine silver brings the high quality of these products. Jewelry is one of the most valuable and popular souvenirs of Oman.



Kuma is the Omani name for a patterned cloth cap worn by Omani men. This hat is considered a popular cover. Of course, these hats are not of Omani origin and were introduced to Oman's clothing culture from somewhere else. In the past, a part of the African continent, such as Zanzibar, was under the influence and domination of Oman, so African culture has penetrated Oman.

traditional dress

The special design, size and shape are among the features of the traditional clothes of Oman. For example, Omani men wear long colored or white clothes that cover their whole body and have a special hat, and in official situations, they also tie a dagger to their waist. Women, in addition to wearing long dresses, also cover their hair with scarves.

Silver accessories

The silver of Oman is very popular and famous among Arab countries with its excellent quality. In Oman, in addition to silver being used to make jewelry and daggers, handmade items such as small jewelry boxes, perfume holders, coffee pots and other unique accessories are also made of silver. Islamic model designs, Omani carvings or Arabic calligraphy are usually inspired for the decoration of these items.


Omani box

Omani woods are famous for their high quality and easy to shape into different shapes. Omani people use this wood to make doors and windows; But the most famous Omani wooden tool is "Mandoo" or the beautifully decorated box that is made in different dimensions and used to store food, clothes and jewelry.


The dagger should be considered a prominent cultural symbol of Oman, which is even engraved on the flag of this country. Omani men usually wear a dagger around their waist during important meetings and celebrations, and it is also customary to carry it at weddings and social events. Usually, its handle is made of Omani silver, but there are also examples of ivory.

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  Date : November 29 2022
  Last Update : February 22 2023