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The Sinarfood Company was established in 2018 on a venue of 22,000 square meters in the center of Iran at Yazd Industrial Zone. The Company is close to the facilities like airport, railway, highway as well as the dry port.
The factory currently produces Pomegranate concentrate, Apple concentrate, Sour cherry concentrate, Date concentrate, Grape concentrate and pomegranate paste, all of which are manufactured with the state-of-the-art machinery. The raw materials are provided under full quality control and all products are according to the newest international standards. The Fruit Products and Juice Company of Pishgaman Kavir Yazd (Brand: Sinar) are proportional to customer needs. Sinar company exports its products to more than 11 countries in the world. 78 brands around the world are customer of This company.

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Benefits: Specifications of machinery and devices
All of the machines and devices of this company are Italian brand Zacmi
The simultaneous filtration system (vacuum-separator filter) is produced by the Veronesi group. Ultra-filter is from Koch-Supercor, the dewatering system of press type is from Bucher. In addition, the continuous evaporator concentration system is active. The quality control unit observes raw materials in purchasing stage and the products are following the latest international standards.
The input capacity of factory for different products is as follows:
1-Pomegranate: 30 tons per hour
2-Apple: 15 tons per hour
3-Sour cherry: 1.5 tons per hour

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