About Us

We are a technology-based platform whose mission is to create a pleasant buying and selling experience for manufacturers, exporters, and sellers in the Middle East region. Sinbad officially started its activities in December 2022. We also have offices in Oman and Iran.

Sindbad’s mission

 Sinbad is here to help people, identify the right seller or buyer to make good deals with them. Sinbad tries to confirm the correctness of the sellers' information and their products. Currently, this site does not offer the possibility of buying the product online but offers the role of online and specialized marketing. Furthermore, this online website is a program to search the market for products and services in this region. The good news is that most parts of the site’s services are free for buyers, so no worries to gain the pleasure of introducing your products. For instance, you could communicate with other manufacturers to make your business plans come alive.

Sinbad’s Vision

To become the top B2B e-commerce platform in the Middle East as well as connecting other countries with the top manufacturers and business owners in this region. To reach this image, we use all our power to step into new paths.

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