Yes, you can choose the "protest" option by contacting us and register your complaint.


For a free request, you can use the "Quick Order Form" at the top of

Choose the category, product type, product amount and submit. Your request will be sent to different Suppliers. You can follow the process in your profile or via email.


The buyer could Search the products by using the following methods:

1.Search by keyword. Use the search box at the top of the page.

2.Use the categories from main menu to find products

3.In "Show all Products" part, you can select by country


1.Sign in at

2. Click "change Password" in cartable

3. Submit a new Password


If you can't log into your account, here are some suggestions:

1. Please make sure that you have entered the registered email address and password correctly.

2. Note that the password is case sensitive

3- If you have just registered and haven't logged into your account before, make sure you receive an email from Sinbad and confirm it. Your user name will not be activated, until the email is confirmed.

4- If the problem is not resolved, you can recover your password using the registered email.

5- If the problem still persists, contact Sinbad support team.


Check your spam/trash folder or Clear your browser's cache/cookies, then try to register an account again. Try a different browser; for example, if you're using Chrome try Firefox.

If you still haven't received the verification code via email, contact the Sinbad support team.


1.Click on the registration button on the Sinbad site

2.Enter your email and name your trade role

4 click " Sign in " button.

5- Check "Confirmation Link" in yor Email.