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Ardakan textile industries factories in Yazd province in Ardakan city on a land area of 326,000 square meters was built with the investment of Hazrat Seyyed al-Shohda (AS) Charitable Medical Organization of Yazd with about 40,000 square meters of infrastructure. It has three sections: spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing .
Its first part (spinning hall) started operating in 1375 and gradually other halls were put into operation. Currently, it is producing and operating with 580 personnel in three shifts. Currently, it has spinning departments with an annual capacity of 2900 tons of knitting yarn with an annual capacity of 19 million square meters of raw fabric and dyeing and printing and finishing with an annual capacity of 16.4 million square meters of finished fabric.
The spinning department of the company can produce all kinds of yarns with ring and open end systems from cotton fibers and cotton blends with synthetic fibers and grades Ne=10 to Ne=50.
A part of the produced yarns will be used by the the company weaving unit and a part will be sold. drawing room dining room Weaving hall Dyeing, printing and finishing salon In this salon, it is possible to produce all kinds of finished fabrics in the form of bleached-dyed-printed-dyed and combined printing of different materials. The types of products produced in this department include sheets, mantles, shirts, linens, masks, work clothes, dresses, trousers, etc.

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Benefits: Control and laboratory departments: In these departments, various measurements and quantitative- qualitative production controls are performed, which include:
1. Spinning lab including all kinds of measuring equipment including Oster and ADSL
2. Dyeing, printing and finishing laboratory including a series of complete equipment needed
3. Raw control including 7 types of control and sorting and rolling machines
4. Packing room: The final control and packaging hall includes ten types of control and packaging machines, shearing and baling.

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