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An issue that has always been raised for us is how to find a way to add values toTile industry, in order to be established next to the pole of this industry. In fact, the high capacities of the province in tiles and ceramics has added more significance to it. Simultaneously with the implementation of the tactic of using logistics hubs, the establishment of a specialized export terminal for ceramic tiles was proposed to the senior managers as well as the owners of the ceramic industry as a development-driving project in this field. The export terminal of ceramic and tile covers an area of 70 hectares and is located near the Meibod railway station with a trans-regional perspective, 15 kilometers from the industrial town of Jahanabad, 17 kilometers from the industrial town of Ardakan, and taking into account the favorable access to the tile and ceramic production colonies in Yazd province and beyond that neighboring provinces are located and are being launched with the investment of the private sector active in the ceramic industry.
evaluation, introduction to the customer, storage, and delivery of goods in the shortest possible time, Monitoring and supervision of product procurement, sorting, grading, transportation, training, marketing, and branding with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of tile products and Iranian ceramics is one of the important uses that we defined for it.
In addition to exporting to different countries (Iraq, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Oman, etc.), the export terminal is also ready to supply products for large projects in the domestic trade sector

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Benefits: The area of ​​the product exchange, which will include two sections of permanent and temporary exhibition of products and commercial offices. Production and commercial units display their products in designs, sizes and prices with different quality. Also, the presence of business and commercial offices in this sector provides a platform for the formation of B2B and B2C business negotiations in the area consisting of supply and demand.
In addition to the export of ceramic and tile products, SUNLAND, taking into account that the consumption of this product is in the family of construction materials and also the potential capacity of Iran in the production of construction industry products, aims to boost export-oriented production and share the benefits of this terminal with other industries. It has supplemented the export marketing of other ceramic and tile products. This exchange includes the following products:
1- Ceramic tiles
2- Stone and mosaic
3- Sanitary porcelain, pipes and fittings
4- Types of refractory bricks, mosaics and blocks
5- wire and cable and electronic equipment
6- Other construction materials

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