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Iranian handicrafts are part of the country's identity. Very beautiful and eye-catching products. Virgool company tries to offer these handicrafts in practical packages to those interested. Many of these beautiful handicrafts are unknown in Iran and we wish to introduce this part of Iran to the world.
Gift giving is a lovely and customary thing in all cultures. It will be more pleasant if this gift is elegant and contains creativity, and of course it belongs to a historical and dreamy land.
Due to its vast geography, the country of Iran has various indigenous and biological diversity. Therefore, from north to south, it is full of different handicrafts that show the roots and rich culture of that region. Many Iranian handicrafts have a very long history and go back to ancient history.
If you are looking for a special and different gift, we will be with you.

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Benefits: Virgool Company tries to comply with the following in all products and packages:
1- Using the most experienced artists in Iran
2- Using the best product
3- Attention to the rich Iranian culture and art
4- Beauty and elegance in packaging
5- Attention to customers' interest and taste

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