Pinar Tile Machinery

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Since 1974, PINAR İŞ MAKİNALARI started with manual type tile presses with 40 square miter covered work shop by its smart and successful founder MR.Zeki BOZBOLA. Since 1983 until today about 2000 square miter covered area and about 25 worker PINAR İŞ MAKİNALARI is continues.
Since 2017 our exports are about 75% to more than 12 countries (Far East, Middle East & Africa). All machines and its equipment related with manufacturing the Terrazzo Tiles are designed and made by our smart and hard working staff, Our quality level is increasing in every single day. Our fastest global service Free Remote Controlled Smart Operating System is given for free to our esteemed customers, and their satisfaction is always our priority.

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Work safety laws, rules and conditions and its necessities, always develop the standards for better conditions with high performance.
Work accidents and decrease reasons and explain the risks, decrease them and remove them if possible.
Education and other activities with the workers, work safety by adopting the idea of ​​taking responsibility by each of us.
Bringing the work area safety to the best situation.
All together even the trainees, visitors are practicing the developed ideas to get used to the work safety culture.
Making a commitment to always follow the work safety required specific targets and its making methods with high performance.

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