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Founded in 2014, Baladna began as a sizeable sheep and goat farm the largest in the Middle East.
Driven by Excellence and High-Quality Standard Products, Baladna is a trusted Milk, Dairy, Juice and Food brand in Qatar. Committed to bringing fresh and nutritious food choices to its consumers, the brand has progressive product research and innovation, aiming towards a healthier and more sustainable future. Baladna Farm is located in Al Khor, Qatar spanning across an expansive 2.6 million sqm. of land, where Baladna houses over 24,000 Holstein Cows. The farm is open to the public and features the region’s most advanced rotary milking parlor, a restaurant, a carefully-manicured garden, a children’s play area, and a petting zoo. Since the blockade in June 2017, Baladna Food Industries has grown to be Qatar’s largest locallyowned food and dairy supplier achieving 100% self sufficiency in milk and dairy. Today, Baladna has over 250 SKUs in Milk, Dairy and Juices.

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1-Always Fresh:
Premium quality
International Best Practices
Committed to Excellence
2-Always Exploring:
Giving our customers the energy and inspiration to meet the day
Sharing excitement and new experiences
Exceeding expectations and searching for new frontiers
3-Always Responsible:
Caring for our community
Stewards of the environment
Actively committed to food security and food safety

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