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Aalmir Plastic Industries ( API) was founded in Sharjah, U.A.E in 1988 as a specialty plastic packing manufacturer for the chemical industry. API’s position as a competent manufacturing partner led to expansion of manufacturing capabilities to cater to other regional industries in a very short time.
In just 5 years from inception, the company was able to achieve the local chamber of commerce award for Industrial excellence. This award signified the company’s position as a regional industrial innovator and was the beginning of the path to expansion.
Aalmir Plastic Industries ( API) is a downstream plastic manufacturing company specializing in Injection moulding, blown film, thermoforming and extrusion applications with a strong focus on efficiency, industrial design and new material applications. The company background has always been manufacturing and understanding customer requirements to be it a small inventor or multi-national corporation.

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Benefits: Working with API today provides you access to all our resources which include but are not limited to;
Part of vertically diversified group, with interests in logistics, manufacturing, and trading.
Convenient location, 16 days transit time to far east, 15 days to Europe, and 23 days to US East coast.
Well diversified in plastic processing methods (Injection, blown Film, extrusion).
Close relationships and proximity with petrochemical plants allow for cheaper transport cost of raw material.
50+ High Tech Injection moulding machines
8 single and multi layer blown film machines along with modern down stream printing and cutting equipment.
Modern laboratory for testing and QC.
Distributed manufacturing facilities for Back up contingency manufacturing.
Modern Warehousing Facilities with 20+ years of Exporting Experience.
Modern Tooling, automation and tooling workshop.

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