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Iran Golab Institute was established in 1949. In this institution, we mixed a pure and pure idea with the power of love and by using creative and expert Iranian human power, we produced a pure product and by registering the Rabee trademark, we took our first steps in the field of natural and pasteurized rose water production and export. We took it so firmly and firmly that in a short time the pleasant fragrance of Iranian rose caressed the evening of every connoisseur of taste all over the world.
The beginning of industrial production in Iran Golab Company with the construction of an advanced factory in 1981 in the Kashan region was the beginning of a continuous effort to raise the name of Iran in the world arena, and now with more than half a century of experience, the name of Iran has become well known in the world as Golab Rabee. He is the founder of the industrial production of rose water in Iran, and has been nicknamed the Sultan of Roses by the world, and he is famous for businessmen and owners of related industries in the world.
Iran Golab currently exports its products including rose water and rose essence to more than 30 countries using five branches and 18 agencies. In all the past years, this company has decided to open new export markets. The upward and uninterrupted trend of the export of this company in the last thirty years, as well as the increase of exports by more than 100% this year compared to last year, confirm this claim.

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Among the important factors in the success of Iran Golab:
-Continuously improving the quality of export goods and their packaging process and achieving global standards
-Direct presence in target markets and extensive marketing
-Creating new markets and maintaining existing markets
-Variety of export items and creation of high added value in exports

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