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HUABO - the production chain manufacturers for apparels to apparel related fabrics,with both self owned manufacturer facilities and outsourcing.
The main role to support and supply globally for E-commerce, B to C goods ready to ship, Brands , egencies growth, fully engaged with sustainablity, innovation and customization.
Supplying with own manufacturer and strategic partners for wide range of fabrics include active, yoga, swimwear, jacquard,knitting and woven, engaged in sustainability and environmental process that comply with worldwide standard,capable with new tech and functional fabric development, leading the trend of colors and print designs, producing raw matireal,printed, solid dye with both low MOQ and large capacities output monthly.

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After vigorous development of more than a decade, Huabo has expanded its series of products from the initial swimwear to sportswear, yoga clothes, sports underwear, textile fabrics and other fitness products. To better meet the needs of our customers, Huabo has established a large and elaborate industry chain as a key force for us to serve our customers.
Capable of market consultation, design,tech development, production from cut&sew, inspection report to the final shipment with guaranteed quality.

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