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For more than nine decades, the family created milestone innovations, including the first genuine leather hand stitched ball. Headquartered in Sialkot, Pakistan, the company was founded in 1909 by Sh. Muhammad Abdullah Soni (Late) with an intention to export sports goods.
Over 44 years ago in 1976, ROZA Sports® was taken over by Mr. Sheikh Tanveer Soni, a young, motivated business man, who had been gaining experience and background in the business of sports articles for several years. He funded the construction of a new company which in due time would gain ground and be labeled as a leader in its industry. However as any good business the first years turned to be very quite different from those thoughts of excelling and obstacles were presented constantly. Keeping the target and motivation ahead, equipping a solid team of production & maintaining those fresh innovative ideas slowly he began to cut through the cloth of the competition through model ethics and ingenious production techniques to provide speedy service and competitive prices.
Through 44 year journey of innovation, the past, the present and the future, ROZA Sports® is one of the few companies in Sialkot that can trace its history back over 4 decades, always setting foot in new additions and innovations to the industry. ROZA Sports® is family owned who has been manufacturing and exporting all kind of sports balls, Sports Wears and M.A.A Equipments.

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We’re focusing on technologies that minimize toxic content in our basic materials, developing and producing quality products which are low in cost yet great in quality and environmental friendly. Finding ourselves in constantly investing in the development of emerging technologies inside our industry such as finding better ways to automate assembling functions and giving higher training and constant update to our production team. Creating time & effort saving systems, give space for a higher development in our company such as our newest manufacturing infrastructure where we can now provide high quality products with lowest price and top technology and materials.

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